Mobile Financial
An Integrated HUB among payment gateways, e-Wallets, banks with service providers through smartphones, tablets, TV screen, desktop, POS and KIOSK.
A cross-interface app available for iPhone, Windows Phone, Android & BlackBerry users. Payit provides you with: Bills' payments, Airtime recharge (Local & International), Vouchers (iTunes, cashU, OneCard), Travel & Tourism (Travelmate) and other services

Available for: Isys Global Isys Global Isys Global Isys Global Isys Global

VAS Solutions
An aggregation of Content owners, Service providers, News papers, Magazines & Media channels with SMS alerting, SMS voting, Competitions, Mega promos, Content subscription and Instant interactive services.
We deliver content and services through mobile phones, TV screens, Radio stations, Web portals, News papers and magazines from any individual owner, corporate companies, 3rd parties & partners.
Not everyone can care than you. But Your Doctor does! Your Pharmacist advises you and we delivery the reminders & daily healthcare tips
Explore the preferred doctors to have sessions. Have access on medicines on needing time. Be alerted when your child should have vaccines and why not if the whole family to have good healthcare advisers!
Travel & Tourism
Cases on Payit are growing with more integration. Travelmate provide 24/7 support on wherever you feel great to go.
Not just the 24/7. Most important is the self-serving and self-booking management. Have this mate with you in any platform; smartphone, web or the iBox..
We know why you like your smartphone. We enrich it with solutions that predict your needs
We provide this care to everyone; child, youth, relatives and parents. Allow everyone to be with his life experience wherever he goes.